About Us

PANASONIC TELECOM SYSTEM is well known company of Lahore was established in February 2008. Having a congenial learning atmosphere and being the Professional Engineers in information technology services (Small & Enterprise Solutions,) Telephone Exchanges, Fax Machines, Copiers CCTV Camera’s Security Solutions (and Time Attendance Machine). PANASONIC TELECOM SYSTEM is a trusted, recognized and with a wide array of client base using its full service in Information Technology, Communications & Securities solutions. However realizing the growth and potential in the above mentioned expertise the company expanded itself to include all Services to cater to the diversified needs of the Corporate, Industrial, Government and Semi-Government Sectors etc.

We are pleased to introduce our company as a leading solution and services provider in information technology services (Small & Enterprise Solutions, Telephone Exchanges, Fax Machines, Copiers and CCTV Camera’s. Security Solution and Time Attendance Machine. We offer seamless, scalable solutions and service to streamline business processes, enhance productivity and protect investment. We have served multinationals and government organizations complemented by strong and timely support.


As we believe that Clients are our strength, so we always ensure one thing that we should offer the best to our clients in every sense. In today’s competitive world, success is rare and attributed to the preeminent. PANASONIC TELECOM SYSTEM likes to remain a niche to serve its clients as a trusted and loyally. The team of professionals at Panasonic Telecom System makes sure that their clients have what they need to run their businesses as smoothly as possible, with maximum efficiency and reliability. Complete solutions in the form of innovative ideas, state-of-art products and services which meet or exceed any industry standards are to be presented to the client.


Marketing Division

Our Marketing department ahs a team of dynamic, innovative people, which also performs the very important task of Research and Development (R&D) regarding Market. They are with us to analyze the Market, to suggest aggressive sales strategies to attract the clients, too Make outstanding advertising Campaigns to launch new incentive schemes to boost the sales. In short, our versatile Marketing Team is ready to embark on anything which demands passion and hard work to get high targets.

Sales Division

Our sales department has a team of professional who are highly educated hardworking, determined, well directed and result oriented. As they now their products very well, so they address client’s needs in a professional manner and in turn, they get maximum sales from the clients.

Support Division

Our Technical Support Department and Service Centre are equipped with highly sophisticated test instruments and all the required facilities. We are having highly qualified team of Engineers and Technicians, who are always ready to provide best support and technical feedback to our clients. We keep ready stocks of spares to ovoid unforeseen delays.

Administration and Management

Our diligent Administrators and Managers are ready to take any challenge; they work together seamlessly and maintain a high-level co-ordination in order to offer the best to our clients.